M.D.(Medicine), DNB (Critical Care)
Consultant Physician & Intensivist

Dr. Rahul Mahajan is an MBBS and MD (Internal Medicine) apart from being a DNB in critical care. His years of dedicated service has helped him in becoming a leading consultant and also helped his hospital gain a name. Dr. Rahul Mahajan specializes in critical care and as an MD also specializes in diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart Diseases, Respiratory diseases and others.

Dr. Rahul Mahajan is highly experienced and is a leader and initiative taker when it comes to social service. He has participated in various seminars, carried out various education programs and camps. One of the highest point in his career was when he was a part of the Doctor’s team at Breach Candy Hospital, during Knee transplant of PM Atal Bihari Vyajpai.

Dr. Rahul Mahajan is a consultant Physician and Intensivist. After serving for various and being attached to various hospitals and private clinics he started with his own Chinmay Hospital. Chinamy Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital with 7 ICU bed and 35 general ward beds. Chinamy Hospital has services which are available 24 X 7, it has Stress Test, X Ray, ECG, ICU, Pace Maker, Pathology Service, Advanced ventilators, Advanced multi paramonitors, Invasive blood pressure monitoring function and many others. In its scale and range Chinmay Hospital is one of the best and formidably equipped hospital.


  • Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai
  • Joined Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai in September 1999.
  • Received extensive training in various aspects of Critical Care medicine including performing  procedures such  as central venous catheterizations, arterial line placement, Swan Ganz catheterization ,temporary cardiac pacing, intraaortic balloon counter pulsation,.
  • Gained mastery in basic and advanced mechanical ventilation.
  • Achieved proficiency in diagnosis and decision making in various basic  as well as complicated problems in Critical care medicine, Completed postdoctoral training in critical care medicine  ,
  • Awarded Fellow in Critical Care medicine by National board of examinations in August 2003.
  • Worked as a intensivist In Breach Candy Hospital till February 2004.
  • Intensivist-Surya Intensive Care Ltd Jalgaon From February 2004  till April 2005.
  • Consultant Physician and Intensivist Chinmay Hospital Started my private practice at Chinmay Hospital,Jalgaon  from April 2005, till date
  • Worked in the Doctor’s team at Breach Candy Hospital, during Knee transplant of PM Atal Bihari Vyajpai